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Speedwell specializes in repair and restoration of classic British sports cars with priority given to road readiness and reliability. The staff at Speedwell are "dyed in the wool" enthusiasts and will show your car the same level of detail and care as if it were their own. Located inconveniently in the middle of 15 acres in southern Oconee county on the edge of the Oconee National Forest, your car will be in a very secure environment while being lovingly attended to.

If you have a classic Austin Healey, Jaguar, Triumph, MG, Sunbeam, Morris or any other eclectic classic British car that needs anything from the most minor repair to major restoration and you want attentive service and proper repairs, then simply call or email us at

Speedwell offers resale service for our customers. If you would like to sell your classic British car, we know just how to take it to market and would be happy to assist you. We are veterans of many successful Ebay auctions and have marketed cars to clients as far away as France, England, Denmark and Switzerland. We take care of processing all paperwork, arranging transportation to port and arranging wire transfers directly into out client's accounts

Thanks for your vote and supporting SPEEDWELL....your British car restoration, repair and road readiness shop!

Austin Healey BJ7 Project

This video is of a 1963.5 Austin Healey BJ7. It sat for 35 years in a garage. We were able to break the engine free with some penetrant in the cylinders, put in fresh oil and get it to turn the starter, freshened up the carbs, freshened up the iginition parts, added some coolant, attached a life support rig to the engine and fire her up. The engine ran so well, that the owner has been inspired to dive head first into a full restoration of the car. We are very excited to have the opportunity to save another classic, British car!! Stay tuned for more details as this project progresses.

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